Hacks That Every HTML Programmer Must Know

HTML tricks that Developers should know about

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Several developers have ample experience in coding, yet are unaware of certain tricks that might reduce their work to half. The HTML assignment help providers associated with us have conveyed that there is no point in working hard on anything if there is a shorter way to do so. For example, if a code can be minified, avoid writing long codes for the same. Some of the most prominent tips that might come handy while coding in HTML are given below. Take a read and get enlightened.

What to quote and what not?

If you are using XHTML, then this question has only one possible answer, but if you are using HTML 5, then you have other option as well. You can choose not to quote! Although most of the coders decide not to, a few of them suggest that you should because it follows a definite structure.

Header and footer

These divisions have no semantic structure, but you should not confuse these with the header and footer of your website, they simply refer to the container.


Not long ago, we utilized the <small> element to create subheadings that are closely related to the logo. It's a useful presentational element; however, that would be incorrect usage. The small element has been redefined more appropriately. According to the new HTML5 definition of this element; the <small> would be the correct wrapper for this information.

Always use Alt tags

No matter how many pictures you are planning to include, always use Alt tags. This means do not name the pictures randomly, make sure the name is relevant. It helps in further SEO operations that increase the visibility of your pages.

Always indent your code

This may sound silly, but indenting will help you debug the errors efficiently and will help you recognize which division ended where. Also, you can save the considerate amount of time if the indenting has been done correctly.

Do not comment excessively

Putting comments for everything may seem tempting, but too many comments will make your code look chaotic, and you’ll get frustrated from the same. However, document the crucial ones to avoid confusions later.

Do not forget to check

When you’ve written your code, check the same by uploading it to Markup Validation Service which will find errors that you never suspected. Also, you’ll be able to detect a fault that many editors don’t find.

These were a few of the many tricks that may come handy to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned for more interesting write-ups that are yet to be published.

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