Enchanting and mind-boggling facets about Halloween

Halloween facts

Originally known as ‘Samhain,' the Halloween marked the end of summer and beginning of the cold months. The Pagans who are said to be the first one to celebrate this day believed that the veil between the two world is the thinnest on this day, making it possible for the dead to walk the earth.

Although Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, it is also full of candies, costumes, and treats. But was the Halloween celebrated this way decades before as well? Do spirits really wander freely on this night? Are we aware of the rich history or are we following the fake beliefs?

As this creepy eve approaches, let’s take some time off and learn a bit more about the facts related to this festival.

Let’s get started!

Wandering man jack has a story

We all have felt threatened by the thought of witnessing jack with a lantern while trick-or-treating, isn’t it? But who is he? It is believed that once devil himself came to the Earth to take the soul of a man named Jack, but this man tricked the devil. After living a long life, when he tried entering in heaven, he could not because of his deeds, but the strange part was he could not enter in hell as well as the devil was no longer interested in entertaining him. He had nowhere to go, and eventually he was doomed to walk the earth aimlessly.

Symbols associated with Halloween are not random

When we think of Halloween, certain images strike our mind such as bats, pumpkins, witches, black cats, etc. It might scare you, but these symbols aren’t random. Each one of these is said to have a close relationship with the witches and is known to trigger bad luck.

Valentine’s day is not the sweetest holiday

It is revealed by a survey that a whopping amount of $1.9 billion is spent on the candies for Halloween each year which is more than twice that is spent on chocolates on Valentine’s day. It is also found out that Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday after Christmas.

Perfect day to find out about your future boyfriend or husband

This was believed by the Scottish girls, and most of them hung wet white sheets in front of the fire on the night of Halloween, and expected to see an image of their future husband. Well, the results of this are unknown. On the flip side, some natives of Scotland believed that if a girl walks downstairs at midnight on Halloween and looks at the mirror, she might see the face of her boyfriend. Strange, isn’t it?

A full moon on the Halloween is quite rare

We often get much inspired from the movies and believe that there is a full moon on Halloween. On the contrary to this belief, it is extremely rare to witness a full moon on this day. The next full moon on this day is said to occur in 2020.

These were a few of many facts about the Halloween. Do not forget to read and find more about this day.

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