Quarantine Halloween 2020 Ideas | Party Themes and Costumes

Halloween facts

The dark hysterical surroundings, gawky offensive costumes, and clownish faces that amaze us on one popular day, which is known as Halloween.

You must be wondering why we are talking about Halloween at this time of the year. Well, you might forget which date or day it is in this quarantine, but can we forget about Halloween? Mark your calendar as Halloween 2020 date is 31st October 2020.

We understand its quarantine period and therefore, we bust the good news to you that in this blog, you’ll be able to get the quarantine Halloween 2020 ideas to celebrate Halloween with homemade solutions to make your own Halloween costume.

Hello Halloween!! | All Hallow Eve and All Saints Day

The drone of Halloween started on the day of 31stOctober, Originally known as ‘Samhain,' Halloween marked the end of summer and the beginning of the cold months. The Pagans who are said to be the first ones to celebrate this day believed that the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest on this day, making it possible for the dead to walk the earth.

The next day i.e 01stNovember is marked as All Saints Day known for the resurrection of the saints.

The night before All Saints Day, i.e. 31stOctober’s evening, was called All Hallows Eve, and eventually, it became ‘Halloween’.

Halloween Last-Minute Makeover | Costumes Ideas 2020

The spooky, scary, and ominous costume masquerades for Halloween have always been at the top of the trend. People are seen copying Heidi Klum Halloween costumes and matching it with their creativity. But we’re sure that some slobs are waiting for us to give them last-minute Halloween costume ideas that they can easily carry.

Before we begin, we’d like to give you a treat that even if you do not have any costume for Halloween, you need not worry! Because you can weave your creativity with homemade or easy DIY Halloween 2020 costumes in a freakish yet awesome Halloween look.

Let’s see what this bucket is full of and you pick your best.

  • Poppy Orange Color-Rock the orange-pumpkin-t-shirt look with a pair of black jeans. The jack-o-lantern t-shirts will do the rest.
  • Terrorist Costume-As simple as it sounds, a black jumpsuit with bold and dark makeup and a big black bag-pack with hanging strings will make you appear like a terrorist.
  • Scary Halloween-By surpassing months of this scary pandemic, one thing is for sure that this theme is going to be the most trending into Halloween costume ideas 2020. Try leaning into basic Halloween costumes like Vampire, Witches, Zombies, and use skulls and bones with your outfit.
  • Headbands, Bold Lipsticks, and Eyeliner- The powerful weapon of a woman, if used carefully and creatively, it will act as an embellishment to your outfit for a Halloween party.
  • DIY Nixon Mask-A very popular symbol of a Halloween costume is Nixon Masks. While it does create a creepy, scary look, but if you have a thing for make-up and you know to blend every inch of it on your face, then try creating a Nixon Mask look at home. (You can find its tutorial on YouTube)

Whoa! That was some creative talk. You’re set with your Halloween costume but what next? What kind of party you’d like to go to? Let’s give you some mind-blowing Halloween party ideas for 2020.

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‘Head Over Heels’ Kind of Halloween | Party Themes 2020

When it comes down to decorating your house for Halloween celebration, you start by thinking of dark and gloomy colors. While you set the stage for every bash, then why keep Halloween an exception?

It was hard to choose as there are so many Halloween party decoration ideas; we could muster a few doable ways to celebrate this holiday with your loved ones. Below are some funky and spooky ideas for Halloween party themes 2020.

  • Netflix’s Stranger Things Concept- The fans of this show must be drooling over this theme after reading it here. One should definitely try creating an alphabet-wall look and hanging Christmas lights to set out a Halloween theme.
  • Favorite Horror Movie Halloween Party-While you all must have given it thought already, but what you didn’t think is that you can create your popcorn bowls and design your own drink glasses by using black and red pastel colors. Enjoy the scary Halloween!
  • Zombiefy Theme- Hang your friends on the walls! No, not literally! But you can decorate your walls of the house by hanging portraits of your friends and turning them into creepy-zombie-like figures. Do not think much, it’s a Halloween!!
  • Hogwarts and Halloween- This is much underrated amongst Halloween celebration ideas. But in this quarantine, let your friends pay a visit to Hogwarts with a Harry Potter-themed party. Make use of ‘9 ¾ platforms,’ lights, figures of wizards and witches with handmade black Harry Potter hats to create a spellbound theme for your Halloween party.

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Handing Out Freebies and Discounts | Halloween Offers 2020

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Happy Halloween!!

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