Be Aware of these if you are an aspiring computer programmer

Programming Truths

Every student enrolled in the Computer Science Engineering, or Computer Applications dreams to be a programmer. But the harsh truth is that programming is much more than what is learned in the syllabus. The experts providing programming assignment help to the scholars have conveyed that learning only the concepts will never make you an excellent programmer, you have to practice continuously and find your own ways to reach the goal of becoming a successful programmer.

Apart from this, there are several things about programming that you should know, but none of the books or the former programmers will ever mention these things.

Wondering what these are? Take a read through the following and know about them:

Programming is 99% self-learned

You should not rely on anyone if you are looking forward to becoming a successful programmer. Take notes after thoroughly reading from the various tutoring websites and video lectures and try to execute them on your own. The more time you spend on self-learning, easier it will be to learn the details of programming language.

There is no such thing as simple bug

Any bug can be termed as simple only when you have eliminated it. Otherwise, bugs can become the cause of stress and sleepless nights. You may have misspelled a keyword or forgot to put a semi-colon, no matter how silly your mistake was, it will seem impossible to solve at first.

The programming language doesn't matter

Well, this is a point of debate whether knowledge of a programming language is necessary or not. But if you are not aware how will you solve any problem, how will you carry out the reverse engineering properly? No programming language can be efficient enough for you if problem solving is not your cup of tea. Most of the organizations do not want to see a specific programming language driven system; they just need a system that executes the instructions and performs all the tasks efficiently.

Documentation and commenting is crucial

Yes, it may sound lame to the programmers who code on a regular basis. But it is a fact that you won’t be able to recognize your code after six months. So, to be on the safer side, maintain proper documentation and keep commenting while you code. In case you are needed to edit the program, you’ll not need to spend the entire day on it.

Programming is fun to learn and can be addictive

The distinct programming languages can be a lot more fun to read and learn, but only when you get what is happening on deploying a particular set of instructions. And yes, the programming can be addictive as well. You really cannot stop visualizing how the code for a mobile application or a website would look like once you are addicted to it.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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