Learn About the Black Friday Celebrations Across Various Countries

Black Friday Around the World

As Black Friday is approaching, people are gearing up for the biggest shopping event in the world. It is widely celebrated the day after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday of November) and marks the starting of Christmas shopping season. Many retail and online stores offer best deals and discounts on this day. In fact, some stores open early at midnight to attract more shoppers. And, it is a common scenario to see customers form a queue outside the stores hours before to grab the best opportunities. Initially, it was a one-day event, but later on, it started to continue for a week.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The first question that comes to our minds is Why “Black” Friday? Black usually suggests something dark, unfortunate or sad, but here, the term represents the day for great sales. A research evidence points that the word came from Philadelphia where it was initially called as “Big Friday” because of the disruptive pedestrians and a huge traffic congestion causing chaos on the Friday and Saturday after the Thanksgiving. But later, it was used to highlight the huge profits earned by the retailers on this day where they went from “being in red to being in black” where red indicated loss and black indicated profit. And now, Black Friday is an official term used for this shopping day all over the world.

Gradually after the USA, Black Friday started to popularize in many other countries like the UK, India, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, France, Germany, Romania, Canada, Australia, etc. Let’s read about how this event started in some of these countries:

The United States of America

In America, Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year. In fact, many states like Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, etc., have a public holiday on this day after Thanksgiving for government employees. To take advantage of the holiday weekend, many big and small retailers offer exciting deals and discounts including doorbuster to attract the crowd. Moreover, many stores open at midnight till late hours of Thanksgiving and even offer free gifts to get more shoppers than their competitors.

The United Kingdom

Earlier, the term Black Friday was used by the police of the country for the emergency services that were initiated for the Friday before Christmas when swarm of people used to head out for the celebrations. But, in 2013, ASDA ( a subsidiary of American Walmart) announced its “Walmart’s Black Friday by ASDA” campaign based on the America’s concept of Black Friday. Later, it was considered as a shopping day just like America.


In the past years, due to great discounts and strong Canadian dollars, a large population of people started travelling from Canada to America. In 2008, to discourage shoppers from leaving, many retailers in Canada started Black Friday deals in their stores which marked the beginning of Black Friday celebrations in the country.


The concept of Black Friday was promoted only a few years back in Australia. It started with online deals when Apple offered Black Friday deals in Australia and promoted it on its website. With every online purchase, customers got free shipping and free iTunes gift cards.

As Black Friday is approaching, we would suggest you to make your shopping list already and search about the various deals and discounts so when the time ticks down to zero you do not waste time and are all set to go and grab the best of what you want.

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