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4 impossible things conquered by Science

Amazing Discoveries

It is rightly said, “Science is like magic, except it is real and not magical.” In today’s world, Science is possibly helping in creating extraordinary inventions. It helps in the revolution of Information Technology, the emerges of the global Internet and mobile computing including mobile phones. The simple and essential purpose of it is to make sense of the humans and the nature. The people are the most significant frontier of the natural Science. The online assignment help providers have listed down a few impossible things made possible by Science. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Recording your fantasies and dreams

There will be a time when even your dreams may not be private anymore. Scientists have found a way to interpret what you are dreaming about by measuring the mind activity while you are sleeping. The data will then be filled in an algorithm which will reconstruct your dream and it can be viewed again once you’re awake. In other words, they have discovered a dream-reading machine.

The Science of telepathy

According to a study done by scientists, brain-to-brain communication is possible with the help of Science. The fantasy of transmitting ideas and thoughts directly from one mind to another is turning into reality. It allows transferring brain activity in real time by combining the brains of two people. The researchers are confident about a human-scale telepathy mechanism that is not hard to accomplish.

Crossing the Speed of Light

The speed of light is something that can’t be changed ever and its speed limit for the entire universe is constant. But researchers proved it wrong as they passed a laser beam in the middle of a chamber of specially prepared gas and noted its time. The laser was 300 times faster in comparison with the speed of light. After this research, it is confirmed that the light speed hurdle can be broken. It turns out that the speed of light isn’t entirely precise.

Objects that evolve themselves

After 3-D printing technology, scientists are now working on the next step i.e., 4-Dimension printing. It may sound complicated but the next generation of printers will not only be able to print anything, but also the printed object will be able to change and modify on their own. These printers will be capable of producing things that can fold themselves into shapes like cubes, and it has an ability to change science for good.

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