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Campaign for the promotion of social development and social awareness is one of the prime objective of non-profit organisation in the society. The support campaigns are for the development of the society from the habits and practices performed. Following work in the report help us to understand the background of a specific campaign used for the bringing in upliftment of the awareness in the people to avoid drink and drive. The support of the campaign is to provide the youth and the elder of the society proper awareness regarding the healthy habit of not drinking while driving.

Background of the campaign

The plan B drinking campaign began in the year 2012. The prime objective of the plan is to make the youth and the adult of the organisational society understand the proper choice after party to reach home safely (, 2017). Plan B provide positive approach design to engage methods and alternative arrangements for the people who get highly drunk to the home safely. The support of the Plan B is to make arrangements in terms of crisis of transport elderly drunk people. The campaign emphasizes that the random Breath Testing operation anytime and if proven high then they are advised not to drink and drive. The awareness of the campaign, the plan B in the year 2015 3.4 million random breath tests were conducted by the police in Australia alone where, 90% of the drivers were all drunk and which caused most of the rural area accident. It was evident from the test conducted by the organisation camp that most of the drunk drivers who indulge in fatal accidents were between the age 17 to 24 nearly 33% of the total youth population of Australia. 27% of petrol prices in rural areas involved drunk drivers and 28 to 20% of the fatal accidents in NSW includes driving while drinking as a prime factor (, 2017). Including all the awareness programs the plan B provides humorous options to the people who get drunk easily to make them feel easy to choose for a better appropriate plan to reach home safely. Filmfare 2012 Plan B have affiliated 131500 taxi information for the better services towards di drunk people in the society of Australia in providing them safe journey to home.

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Aims and objectives

Each and every campaign in society have in specific to the calls and the reason behind the providing of the campaign. The prime aim and objective of plan B is to help. Originated in 2012 after a survey disclosed that in the society of Australia, people getting drunk in parties and driving in an unsafe manner to their home caused 1000 of fatal accidents taking Lives of many. The prime aim of the campaign the plan B is to provide support to the people who get highly drunk and faces problem in reaching home safely.

Objectives of the Campaign

  • To identify the prime reason to get high at a high level
  • To promote overall reduction in the Road toll
  • To promote alternative transport option and to empower drivers to make the people have safe journey to home
  • Maintaining Awareness of RBT police enforcement

Evaluation of the campaign Plan B

With the emergence of the campaign the plan B nearly 75% of the target audiences understood the core message of not drinking before driving (, 2017). It is evident that the campaign result showed 80% of the young male driver considered the plan to be believable and worth listening to. Since, the beginning of the campaign near about 80% of the people in the society of Australia have trusted the campaign and began to make the campaign a role model to support not drinking before driving.

Target markets

The target markets are the prime circle maintained by the campaign in order to maintain the support of the customers. Target markets are prime objective of the organisation which is maintained by the people to make the objective of the campaign viable to the customers. The target markets in case of campaign is mainly for the people who have the habit of drinking in the party. Most importantly the support of the customer care to the campaign customers is the prime suspect in the maintaining of the target Market by campaign holders. As supported by Koliastasis (2016), the objective of maintaining a target market is to understand the situation of the environment of the campaign. The most important factor is to understand the test and the preferences of the customers in the society regarding the service of the product provided through the campaign in this case. The plan B campaign targets mostly the youth of the Australian society and the elders who are addicted to drinking habits at parties. It is evident that the target market of plan B most relate to the children within the age of 17 to 25. Selecting of target Market by Plan B has been the Prime objective since the year 2012 as the selection of the prime target market marks the success and the development in the campaign throughout the society of Australia.

Key messages

Every campaign has their own messages to the target market and the society they are willing to cover through the campaign. Planning and the proper managing of the messages of an organisation serving for the betterment of society is better understood by the management of the organisation. Proper framing of the messages to be delivered to the customers of the society of the people who get drunk easily is important so that they are easily convinced by the messages of plan B. The objective of Plan B is to maintain and manage the people in the society of UK as best as possible when they face problem to reach home after party is while in a situation of drunkenness. Availability of the proper development and messages to the society magazine better result in the success of the campaign in making people aware that drinking and driving is hazardous to self-health and health of others in the society. The campaign Plan B helps in providing the message out to the people who get drunk easily is supporting their needs to understand the alternative way to reach home without harming self. Some messages of plan we are smarter than others as it makes the people of the Australian visualise the situation if they drink and drive into a rough patch Road with gathering of people. B plan B also read the message to the people in the society of Australia that are BT means they need alternative option to reach home safely. Among all the messages provided by the campaign to the society are most critical and helpful message that made the campaign a hit in the view of the people in the society of Australia is “drink and drive and you will face the consequences” (, 2017).

Campaign strategy

Campaign and the operation of campaign is supported by strategies and proper management of the resources available to the hand of the organisation in the society. The achievement of the success of campaign also depends upon the proper managing of the marketing strategies that help in which in every corner of the society in Australia. The support of the marketing strategies in the field of social marketing acts as a boon to the researcher and the company analyser. Support of the organisation and equator performance has led to the demand of better connection and proper understanding of the needs of the society in Australia. Support of the marketing strategies helps in limited connection of the organisation in the development years coming. Moreover, suggestion of the organisation provided from the society and the people using the product and services are mostly valuable for understanding reviews and the ideas of the campaigns (Agnew & Shin 2016).
The marketing strategy of an organisation beat based on the minimization of the habit of drinking and driving depends upon the marketing of the product and the marketing of the services provided to the customers in the society for marketing in your product or services to the society. The plan B needs to maintain a proper effort and understanding of the 4 P's of marketing mix.

PRODUCT: the service provided to the society is based on the need of the society. The services provided here is intangible one and it's his product to be provided to the society by the campaign Plan B.

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PRICE: on basis of the price of the product order services in case of plan B campaign there in the other need for the development of the price world as the service provided to the support of the customers in the society needs to be framed and made available within the group of the customers in the society.

PLACE: place determined the area on to word the situation is to be sold or marketed. The support of the sailing is making the of product non tangible products as making all creation of the awareness for no drinking driving is through online basis and with the help of media does place of the promotion is not an issue in this season of making people understand the promotion project that place is a minimal issue at this point you and us can be used and purple raised for the development of the table.

PROMOTION: Promotion is one of the important aspect from the 4 P's of marketing mix since any one of the aspect if avoided will lead to fall in the operation of the marketing of the product or services. The promotion of the product and services when made by the help of using LED by Nurse Newspapers and TV to reach through every corner of the society in Australia.

SWOT analysis of the campaign

  • The awareness program is of prime importance
  • Great communication among the people of society
  • May be strict and rigid
  • Not applicable for every group of people in the society
  • Widely accepted by all
  • Well support of the media world
  • Rise in the swift competition in making awareness programs.


From the above assignment it can be concluded that the growing awareness of the people in the society regarding the habit of not driving after drinking is gaining pace. The support of the society and the rise in the better support of the people marks the better rise in the organization and the management. It is also evident from the assignment that the support of the SWOT analysis of the campaign Plan B have the work of the organisation hit in the market.


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  • Koliastasis, P. (2016). The Permanent Campaign Strategy of Prime Ministers in Parliamentary Systems: The Case of Greece. Journal of Political Marketing, 1-25
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