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Human Resource Management (HRM) - Definition, Importance and Practices

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Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management (HRM) is a role within venture which has been designed for boosting employee's performance so that individual can achieve their strategic goals and objectives. HRM is related with management of people within business enterprise and focuses on different practices. This document has been prepared by reviewing two case scenarios where different HRM practices will be taken into consideration.


Brook is manager at Financial Security Investments. There exist different brokers as well who focuses on increasing the clients so that they get more of the investment and able to develop sound relationship with clients. However, Brooks is not happy as Leslie who has joined a year later after he did have been made vice president for strategic division. Brooks is not happy with the appraisal process. Brokers are also not satisfied because Baskin also made her own team and made strong relationship with top management team and start dealing into big projects. Top management team has only seen this and put her ahead over Brooks. Therefore, the performance appraisal which firm is using is not upto the mark as employee's are getting dissatisfied and it can lead into high employee turnover (Edgar and Geare, 2005).

According to Francis and D'Annunzio‐Green (2005), manager of cited venture need to have 360 degree appraisal process in their organization so that employee performance can be judged by taking necessary feedback from superior, subordinates and peers. Moreover, Edgar and Geare (2005) argued that the behaviour of manager is also not good as priority is given to women as compared to men and the efficiency is not judged on basis of performance. Brooks manager only said that “she is just really good” without giving any further information. Brooks is senior then Baskin and therefore, citted firm should not discriminate employee's on basis of designation

3. Goal setting table

Team leader Motivates team members, keep them engaged and committed towards their work
Good manager Knows his role and responsibilities and take excellent care of individuals
Motivate employees Give training related to investment to employee's and reward them fairly

According to industry experts the HRM area which involved in case is related with motivational level of employees and performance appraisal. If these two points are neglected then individual will not be able to give his/her best. Unfair appraisal will make employee demotivated. Motivational techniques like reward, incentive, recognition is also required to boost workers morale.


The case is about a supervisor, Helen identifying the reasons of deteriorating performance level and punctuality of her subordinate Marey Corey. The variation occurring in the work performance is figured out in different ways that is delaying in coming to work, escalated lunch breaks and improper behaviour at workplace that is shower high temperament and irritation. Helen can not terminate Marey corey without running into legal problems because as the laws and regulations, management is supposed to provide assistance program before firing any employee in such cases (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Employee assistance program is the process of helping an employee in dealing with the personal problems and getting him out of the situation (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). It is mainly about improving the problems faced by employees at work related to their performance level through counseling, referrals, follow up services, confidential assessments and related. To adopt this Helen is required to contact the organization providing this in a legal and effective manner. I would have made referral to the EAP through explaining the benefits and desired results.

Such problems that is deterioration in work performance of an efficient employees has to be resolved as soon as possible (Ulrich, 2013). Such kind of problems escalate with very fast pace leading to the process of harming an employee itself along with the organisation. Hence, supervisors like Helen are required to make the frequent performance assessments and identify the trends going on in the activities of the employees.

The two functional areas of HRM which are directly related to the case are motivation and performance assessment. Motivation is the important aspect of human resource management. With the application of different methods supervisors keep the employees dedicated towards work and tasks assigned to them. In the present case Helen has been failed to do so and have found the results as decrease\ing work interest. Secondly, HRM is required to assess the performance on frequent basis (Wright and McMahan, 2011). In which Helen has been figured out as lagging behind professional requirement and delayed in doing so.


From the given two cases of David Brooks and Marey corey it is seen that Motivation, performance appraisal, goal setting and related are the important aspects of Human resource management. In case of any lacunae it leads to the overall deterioration of performance of organisation.


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