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A B2B Marketing Plan for IKEA Level 5 CBC college Unit 4

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A B2B Marketing Plan for IKEA Level 5 CBC college Unit 4

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  • Course Code: MKT00128
  • Course Title: A B2B Marketing Plan for IKEA Level 5 CBC college Unit 4
  • Country: Australia
  • University: Monash University

You have been recently recruited as an executive at IKEA tasked with developing B2B Marketing within the company.  

IKEA has recently eyed the B2B market as an area they are considering developing. In addition to their current product range, they are considering developing an IKEA DELUX range of OFFICE furniture. As your final project for your 3 month probation period, your manager has asked you to prepare a Marketing Plan for IKEA focusing exclusively on office furniture  for the B2B market.

Focusing on the UK market only, your outline brief for this task is as follows:

Identify the key macro drivers affecting the B2B sector in the office furniture industry. You may summarise the key PEST issues in a short table using short bullet points (including references), but please summarise your key points in a narrative.

Carry out a competitor intelligence analysis, assessing the Office Furniture competition in the B2B sector. You are not obliged to use the Porters 5 forces paradigm in your analysis. (20%) (500 words)
Based on your research, identify and justify key segments as potential targets in the B2B market for IKEA.

Develop your marketing mix for 1 segment that you have selected:

  • Identify your product & pricing strategy for your selected segment.
  • Develop a promotional/communication strategy aimed at increasing awareness, developing leads and driving B2B sales for your chosen segment for IKEA.

You must also prepare for a provisional meeting with your manager (Seminar Tutor) to debrief him of your progress with your IKEA B2B Marketing Plan. Your de-brief will last no more than 5 minutes and you will also have the opportunity to seek further

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