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Unit 3 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management HND

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Unit 3 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management HND

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  • Course Code: BST078542
  • Course Title: Unit 3 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management HND
  • Country: Australia
  • University: University of Queensland


​You work in an small and medium enterprise specialised   magazine and you have been asked to write an article examining the following:

Task Guidance: ​Your Newspaper article should include the following points:

Examine different types of entrepreneurial ventures and explain how they relate to the typology Of entrepreneurship and explain what type of entrepreneurial venture Eddison’s GE group adopts.

Explore the similarities and differences between entrepreneurial ventures.

Interpret and assess relevant data and statistics to illustrate how micro and small businesses impact on the economy.

Explain the importance of small businesses and business start-ups to the growth of the social economy. Describe the economy of the UK and the importance of to society.

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Explore and illustrate the range of venture types that might be considered entrepreneurial.

LO2​ Assess the impact of small businesses on the economy.

LO3 Determine and assess the key aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset.

LO4 Examine the different environments that foster or hinder entrepreneurship.

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