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Identifying major Health issues and their Prevention in Australia

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Health related issues are not only considered to be a foremost concern of the individuals but is also referred to be a nation's concern that in turn impact upon the economic status of the country to a great extent (Brodaty & Cumming, 2010, pp.887-995). As a result to which, the governmental bodies of the states are trying hard to determine certain health based priorities for the public. This is apparent to assist them to manage the costs required to combat with any such prevalence of fatal diseases in the nation that in turn is converting into national burden (Adams, Bagshaw, Wendt & Zannettino, 2014, pp.270-290). It is however a complex agenda that requires a huge consideration of the accredited officials to look into the matter of fact and come out with some effective ways for the reducing the generality of any such dreadful health related concern. The below report is based on a similar target of identifying one such health related issue in Australia and discourse upon its advocacy.

1.) Background

Discussion of the organisation

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Australian Medical Association (AMA) has been chosen to highlight the ratio of health issues in Australia where there exists a rising demand for the health system in Australia due to an ageing number of population over there (Coogle, Head & Parham, 2006, pp.611-631). However, it is yet another considerate fact where the Australians are known to live for a longer time period but with some continual incidents of acute diseases that is in turn raising the burden of the entire nation. AMA is a predecessor of British Medical Association (BMA) where it is with a leading intent of representing the medical students as well as doctors with a foundation year of 55 years and headquarter in Barton which is an Australian Capital District (Craig & Strivens, 2016, pp.48-53).

Values and ideologies

This is on discoursing upon the values and ideologies of AMA where they are keen to provide a vital platform to the self interested grandstander's who represents the organisation that is integrated with registered medical professionals and students. Wherein, all its appointed bodies are referred to give a foremost priority to their patient's by being committed to their welfare and maintain the doctor patient relationship (Delafosse, 2013, pp.25). This relationship is being maintained on the basis of some principle prospects such as trust, mutual respect and cooperation towards one other where both the patient's and doctors are referred to have both their individualistic rights and duties. Also, the medical practitioners associated with AMA have pledged to defend and advocate the well-being of wider public that reflects their optimistic ideology towards serving the overall community with a greater sense of affirmative values in it (Freegard, H. & Pond, 2015, pp.37).

Health issue or problem of the population group

The Australian population exists with a greater ratio of elderly community who are more than 75 years of age. This enumerated statistics is predicted to rise by 4 million by the end of 2060 (Hines, Abbey, Wilson & Sacre, 2010, pp.126-128). It is however due to an increase of overall population within a range of 6.4 to 14.4% and for which, the aged care is presently referred to be a prime focus of the Australian government to bring significant health related reforms for the well-being of their rising old aged population. It is with a vital existence of a reform called “Living Longer Living Better” where this campaign was duly passed by the National Parliament at the end of the year 2013 (Goeman & et. al., 2016, pp. e011451). This reflected an encompassing 10 year programs to reshape the agenda of elderly care with a fundamental aim of creating an improved, fair and a nationwide agreeable system for elderly care.

Extent and urgency of the issue

This is to identify the level of the selected health related issue called dementia by together ascertaining the urge of resolving it (Jorm, Dear & Burgess, 2005, pp.959-963). This is basically due to a rising population of elderly people in Australia who are at a higher risk of getting contagious to dementia where it is mostly apparent to impact people above 60 years of age. Although, not being a sign of an increasing age, it is evident to make a primary impact on the elder community within the aforementioned age range (Mace, Clark, Mansbach & Firth, 2015, pp.P586-P587). It is thereby referred to be one of the anticipated effect of such ageing population in Australia that in turn has raised the numeration of people suffering from dementia and are continually rising over the time period. As a result to which, the proposed approximations are foreseen to rise the case of dementia in Australia by 900, 000 by the end of the year 2050 (Lloyd & Stirling, 2015, pp.1801-1820). Hence, dementia is referred to be a leading health related concern for the Australian community with intense outcomes for the wellness and quality life of those who are at a risk of suffering with it along with their respective family members and friends, etc.

Impact of the chosen problem on the population group

The current prevalence of dementia in Australia is more than 350, 000 as per the last enumerated ration of the year 2015 (O’Keeffe, 2016, pp.8). After which, further projections done to innumerate the ageing population and the growth of elderly people in Australia, it has been found that the aforesaid figure is expected to raise by 400, 000 by the year 2020 and 900, 000 by the end of the year 2050. It is mainly on the basis of some other pivotal findings in whose accordance, 1 out of every 10 aged person more than 65 years of age has been found to suffer from dementia in the year 2015 which is more than 10% of the total number of aged population in this age range (Quinn, 2010, pp.1). Likewise, 3 in every 10 Australians people ageing above 85 was found to suffer from dementia in the year 2015 that depicted more than 31% existence of this disease in the nation.

Dementia being a leading health related concern in Australia exists with some aggravated outcomes for both the family members of the person suffering from it and their friends, peers and relatives, etc., (Smith & Gridley, 2006, pp.130-139). Although, person of any age can tend to suffer from disease where it is more apparent to impact the people who are more than 65 years of age. Wherein, its variety and intensity of the syndromes and its forms of evolution alters as per the kind of dementia where it is step by step onset with more advanced and permanent indications (Snyder & et. al., 2014, pp.466-471). However, it is delineated in three distinct stages where at its initial stage, it is possible for the close relatives, family members or friends to observe the syndromes of dementia in an individual by referring to some common indicants like loss of memory and trouble in determining familiar words, etc.

Another stage is known as the middle stage in which a person with some active signs of dementia may experience troubles in undertaking acquainted tasks like shopping, transacting money or driving, etc., (Thakur, 2011, pp.441-442). Next is the last stage of dementia where people may feel troublesome to attempt their daily chores like activities to take care of themselves which involves taking bath, getting dressed up and consuming food, etc. This is the foremost impact of dementia on the targeted population group of old age people where they ultimately get dependent on the carers most of the time to lead their daily life (Toye & et. al., 2015, pp.548-556).

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2.) Aims And Objectives Of The Policy For Advocacy

This is on referring to the policy of advocacy in the elected health organisation called AMA on a chosen disease named dementia, it has been found that they have included certain medical policies in the section of their aged care system (Weih & et. al., 2008, pp.1116-1123). It is specially formed for people suffering from the issue of dementia and are in requirement of acquiring palliative care. It has hereby targeted the old age Australian people with a complex situation and some unique medical conditions (Westwood, 2016, pp.21). For which, AMA has hereby provisioned certain medicinal care that are comparatively correspondent to the foremost agenda of the administration.

It is to formulate the aims and objectives of the policy for advocacy over here, it is required to enlighten some factual occurrences in Australia where a regular attention is required to be given by the medical practitioners for a constant administration of the patients (Medical Care for Dementia, Palliative, and Aged Care Patients, 2013). It must be done with a cooperative sense of serving the patients by together supporting their families and care takers outside the hospital premises. Similarly, the funding system in Australia for the medical care of patient's suffering from dementia is required to be sufficient (Craig & Strivens, 2016). However, at present, there is no proper recognition of the time that is being expended by the doctors to assess the patients.

Also, no competent arrangement of services are there to support the family members of the patients and their carers as well (Sloan, 2015) It is where a decent investment of funds in the medical care is in turn proven to aid the Australian people to obtain suitable and quality services of palliative medical care and dementia within a befitting health care setting. Lastly, their together exists an active system of Medicare rebates for the services that are being provided by the medical professionals involving the registered nurses (Thomas, 2013, pp.785-786). Herein, such active existence must in turn reflect the actual amount of time along with the quality of provisioning current dementia and calmative medical care to the community people.

It is thereby on the basis of above discovered occurrences of medical care for people suffering from dementia in Australia, below are the aims and objectives of the policy for advocacy with a prime intent of reducing the risk of dementia in people above 65 years of age (Taylor & Payer, 2016, pp.1-16). In context to which, below are some well defined objectives for the fulfilment of the above intended aim-

  • Adequate amount of funds is required to be invested by the Australian government to assist the health care organisations to provide quality services to the people suffering from dementia (Snyder, Bain, Egge & Carrillo, 2013, pp.466-471).
  • A proper scrutinization of medical rebates must be done for collating the time that is usually taken up by the doctors to assess, diagnose and provision medical care to the patients. This is required to be done in association to plan and manage their care and treatments with that to the patient's family and care takers.
  • Additionally, arranging and subordinating services for the patients suffering from dementia is also reflected to be yet another major consideration (Robinson & et. al., 2010, pp.657-664).

3.) Promoting Health Of The Selected Population With The Help Of Policy By Using A Public Health Or Health Promotion Framework

Health promotion is referred to be a significant procedure that duly enable the individuals to amend their wellness and achieve a greater control on their well-being (Phillipson and Jones, 2012, pp.24-34). Health promotion is vitally aimed to welfare the community with some prime objectives by enabling them to determine and realise the expectations by together satisfying the realistic needs of the targeted set of individuals where they can together refer to adapt in conformity to the changing surrounding (Nakanishi & Nakashima, 2014, pp.468-476).

Ottawa charter

This is on considering the health promotion framework of Ottawa Charter that is based upon some prerequisite fundamentals for the well-being of the public that is currently focussed upon a targeted population of elderly people in UK suffering from dementia or at a risk of it. This mainly involved certain elementary resources and conditions for health known as peace, education, shelter, food, a stable eco system, income, sustainable resources along with equity and social justice. It is basically to amend the wellness of the targeted group suffering from dementia or are currently at a risk of it (Colquhoun, 2010). This can be done by referring to the foremost constituent of this abstractive model named as advocacy.

It is in context to the major concern of provisioning good health which is a leading source for the societal, economic and personal evolution of an individual to lead a quality life by fulfilling the aforementioned dimensions. This is with reference to some potential factors such as political, socio- cultural, economic, behavioural, environmental and biological that can either contribute in the favour of good health or can also lead to degrade it (Dewing & Dijk, 2016, pp.106-124). With reference to which, the action related to the promotion of health in turn results in creating a favourable situation via advocacy for health as in the present case focussing upon promoting the health of the targeted population of elderly community in Australia suffering from dementia or at a risk of it.

On whose basis, this model will refer to affirm an active existence of its aforesaid constituents by referring to provide a peaceful environment to the old age people when approaching for treatment in a health care setting like AMA. Also, provisioning a stabilised system by considering their sheltering needs and providing timely services such as food, etc., are also referred to be a foremost agenda of this theoretical model. Beside this, the AMA professionals are also required to consider to the fact of social justice while referring to the application of Ottawa Charter over here. It is where each and every individual has a prior right of taking their individualistic decisions that also relates to their treatment related determination that must be supported by the care providers. This is to interpret a clear link between the policy and framework where the above undertaken policies of advocacy are required to be reflected in the legal framework of AMA so as to fulfil the scrutinized needs and demands of the targeted group of aged people suffering from dementia or are at a risk of it.

4.) Recommendations To Actions For Government (A Minimum Of Three)

This is to propose some vital actions to the governmental body of Australia for the prevention of dementia by undertaking some below suggested measures-

Recommendations based on objective 1

It is mainly in context to the ascertained issue of inadequate funds to the Australian care settings for provisioning care to the people suffering from dementia and approaching AMA for treatment. On whose basis, the primary objective is to make an adequate investment of funds by the Australian government. For which, a foremost recommendation with reference to it is to provide adequate funds to the Australian care homes dealing with the case of dementia for an early detection of their patients approaching with similar signs of it (Cridland, Phillipson, Brennan-Horley & Swaffer, 2016,pp.1774-1786). It is with the help of these invested funds, they must be instructed to use effective medical equipments for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, etc.

Recommendation based on objective 2

2.It is in context to yet another leading issue where the medical rebates of the health practitioners are not referred to be utilized in an effective manner. For which, another defined objective is with reference to the medical rebates which are required to be scrutinized so as to verify its potent utilization by the health care professional. This can be done by initiating a campaigning program which is together referred to be yet another effectual measure for the prevention of dementia where the people at a higher risk of it must be acknowledged about its occurrence along with some ways of preventing it (Cooper, 2011, pp.64). For which, they must be together encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle by being both mentally and physically active and withdrawing the habits of smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks, etc.

Recommendation based on objective 3

3.Lastly, on the basis of yet another problematic concern where the patients suffering from dementia and their family members are not referred to get plentiful support from the health care settings. For which, the last objective is to set up and coordinate some beneficial services for the patients who are suffering from dementia or are at a risk of it. Wherein, proper training sessions must be arranged for the family members and care takers of the patients suffering from dementia and where they should be taught some impelling ways to deal with it (Colquhoun, 2010).

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The above report has summarised a pivotal existence of an elected health disease named dementia in a selected nation Australia and one of their renowned health organisation called AMA. It is with a prime focus on building such effective policies for the advocacy of the targeted population who are substantially evident to suffer from this disease. This involved the old age people above 65 years of age who are at a higher risk of getting affected from it and are in requirement of being protected with the help of certain preventive measures. The above report has concentrated upon four leading sections with a foremost part of background to discourse upon the prevalence of the selected disease. It is with another subdivision to define the aims and objectives of the policy of advocacy with a subsequent portion to support the health of the targeted population of elderly community with the assistance of a health promotion framework. Lastly, some vital suggestions have been advised to the Australian government to undertake some requisite measures for the well-prosperity of the targeted group of people.


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