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Academic Language and Learning for Bilingual Learners

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From an efficient analysis it is been evaluated that the factors such as gender, age, motivation, personality, cultural background have a influence in shaping the learnings of the student. Thus, to make them more efficient in there learnings it is important for the parents and teachers to adopt with different approaches so as to attain with the learning targets and objectives (Adúriz-Bravo and Chion, 2017). It requires to make children a bilingual learner so as to make them more efficient in the school and performing with the activities. Thus, in this essay the issues related to media and home culture faced for teaching the students about the effective learning in diversity. This will include the detailed study of the benefits of bilingual learner so as to develop children in an efficient manner.

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Effective learning in diversity

It is been seen that at every place in the environment there are people from different background which includes with a wide range of skills as well as attributes (Aryadoust and Riazi, 2017). Thus, among all there is high degree of diversity in there culture, linguistic, religion economic background etc. Thus in a classroom where the children attain learning at a greater level as they seek with people with different cultures and gain knowledge by it. Thus, in the infant class teachers make them learn about different languages which they adopt very promptly and try to speak using the language. As in homes, the children are taught with there native language and when they go school they learn with other languages. Thus, it enhance the limit of the person and is able to interact and learn with different new things. Thus, it is been seen that with the diversity in the cultural background assist highly to the person for learning about different things and enhance there knowledge (Booth, 2011). Thus, places such as schools, parks, colleges etc. are considered to be one of the most efficient areas which helps to attain greater knowledge about the culture, language and religions of different people.

Linguistic problem or complexities can be classed as lexical, syntactic or semantic depending on their context. Lexical problems involve the interpretation of particular word or phrases rather than entire classes (Li and, 2017). This problem exists independent of context although they are only evident in it. Syntatic issue is that issue which relates to structural relations between words or phrases. In a simple language it can be said that linguistic issue is that barrier which arises among when they conduct their research, interact with other children or people and work to apply their finding in everyday contexts. This sort of issue arises most among the children because they have very limited option to learn the different languages in the society. In this manner, parents and teacher have more responsibility to teach them diverse languages so as they can speck and understand the words of another. Children vary in their development of speech and language skills. Sometime a delay may be caused by hearing loss. Other time it may be due to a speech or language disorder. Children who have speech disorders any have trouble making speech sounds correctly (Piotrowski and Visetti, 2017). Children who have language disorders might have trouble understanding when other says. They have not more option to learn the various language, only parents and teacher are responsible to overcome this linguistic issue. There are various things which become barriers in language understanding in the children such as their environment, culture, diversity, value, beliefs etc.

Linguistic is a scientific study of language and involves an analysis of languages form, language meaning and language in context. If this consideration does not understand by human being then it can create a utmost complexities among them (Coeckelbergh, 2017). Linguistic issue among children is problem which generate due to the different languages, meaning, words etc. In this manner, they unable to understand the words and meaning of another person in the school, home and society. This barrier generally arises because of diversity and lack of effective learning. Thus, in order to overcome this linguistic issue in the children, parents and teacher should give a proper guidance and training for understanding words, phrases and different languages.

Language plays a very crucial role in the learning process of children. In the early stage of life, they may face the issue regarding diversity and languages because they have very few options to learn various languages (Coeckelbergh, 2017). They can only learn language by home as well as school so their family members and teacher are more responsible to teach a different language.

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With assistance of language, children can easily understand the meaning of another person. It informs human being about their surrounding things and they can feel and understand the world around them. In order to develop effective communication and interaction skill, language is utmost role play because in the absence of language no one can interact with other. In order to improve mental status and knowledge, languages is very effective aspect through which child can better understand the local culture and habits of another person. The Bilingualism refers to the ability of speaking two languages which is a manifest advantage in itself. It is advantageous in various ways as it gives the ability of speaking with more number of people (Decuyper, Dochy and Van den Bossche, 2010). The bilingual ability of a person makes him smarter as well because they have better capacity of predicting behaviour of persons on the basis of their false belief tasks and also improvement in their cognitive skills. Furthermore, they can effectively generate new idea and innovation if they understand the meaning of another person. In this world, there are several languages speaks so if a person have knowledge about various language then he/she can easily understand and meaning of various things. In the context of children, when they are on the growing stage then language assist them to understand the surrounding environment, words of other people, cultural differences, social similarities etc. (Adúriz-Bravo and Chion, 2017). Language assist child in developing their interaction, communication, coordination and decision making skills. By this improvement, they can easily face the diversity and culture difference among the society.

Further, cultural background of the people have a great impact on the individual learning. As at every place people are of different religion which have have there own language so it becomes important for the person to learn with different languages for surviving at the place. Further, at home a child is able to learn its native which may not assist him in communicating with different people (Jiang and, 2014). Thus, it can be evaluated that cultural factors leads to enhancing with the learning of different language for communicating with various people. Moreover, the areas in which a person is living help to learn with there native language which makes them efficient to communicate with the people of the place. Thus, the people must enhance with there approaches to learn about different languages so as to become more efficient in the market.

In the present time, the age of multimedia and enhanced connectivity assist in encouraging with the social change and transforming the manner in which people think and take the things. Thus, it has increased with usage of multimedia for gathering information and learning about different things (Laurillard, 2013). Further, in the recent time determines with the growing economic power which have a high influence on people towards seeing the world. Moreover, it has drastically changed because of digitalization and which results in developing with the social, cultural, economic and politically. Thus, it is also having a great impact for making the children learn about different things. In the earlier times only the parents and teachers were there to teach the students different languages and other things. But today, there are several means such as internet, institutions etc. which help to make the people learn about different things so as to enhance with there learnings (Li and, 2017). Thus, for learning with several languages it has become very easy for the people as internet is having vast information which assist them to learn on there own without taking assistance from others. Further, the means of visual and audio equipments assist in developing with the ways to enhance the learnings of the topic in an efficient manner.

Media culture is having its high effectiveness in providing with one of the most effective learning in the diversifying the people. Further, bilingual education are mainly been categorised in four ways, cognitive,affective, linguistic and cultural development (Liang And, 2010). This means that a person must be known with there native language but with this they must also be aware about other languages to diversify there approach towards there learnings. Further, the children must be aware about the religion as well as languages spoken by them as it will enhance there knowledge and will be able to connect with others in a proper manner. Thus, for this media culture serves a greater assistance in developing bilingual learnings. As in the present time parents can teach there children many languages and other things so as to make them more efficient in there upbringing. Further, the methods for teaching the students have been increased which have highly assisted them to understand in more efficient manner. The digital appliances and other means provide the topic learning with animations and other effects which are a greater means for making the children learn about the languages and other things so as to diversify them to different fields.

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Moreover, now days schools and other institutions are taking several measures for separate classes to teach the children about languages so that with the time they become multilingual which assist them in future run (Parkay, Stanford and Gougeon, 2010). Further, in the present time there are several social media sites and mobile applications which are very beneficial in enhancing with the learnings of the person to a greater extent. Thus, it becomes important for the person to take active participation in learning so that they can enhance with there knowledge to a higher level. Media has transformed the lives of the people as now days rural people are also having the internet access so they can also become more efficient and learn different languages to become more diversified in there learnings. Moreover, with the development of technological products such as television, internet, radio etc. has helped the children to learn different languages at a very early age which make them more efficient in performing with there activities (Piotrowski and Visetti, 2017).

Home culture refers to the learning which the person gathers from the home. As it is said that for a child, home is the first school where he learns about different things and acquire the culture which there parents follow. They start speaking and performing the activities at home. Thus, it can be said that the child must be given with the best knowledge or upbringing so that they can become efficient in there activities (Wong and Nunan, 2011). They start speaking with the language which there parents teach them. Further, the cultural and religious knowledge makes them attain the knowledge about there religion which makes them different from other people. Thus, surroundings of the people teach them about several things about the world and the manner in which they should face it. Moreover, it is also said the best learning attained by the person is from the home as parents and other family members try to nurture there child with the best possible manner.

Further home culture is an important factor which assist in developing with the bilingual learning for the people. As the first teachings are gained by the home only and this will be remembered by them throughout the life. Thus, it will also assist in making the children learn about different languages which makes them more efficient in there learnings. Moreover, becoming bilingual can help them in interacting with the people in different places. Further, it is been seen that knowing about different languages may assist them in surpassing with there career in different countries (Effective learning and teaching- acting to achieve. 2015). Thus, this will help to ensure regular growth and development in there knowledge and career. Further, it has been evaluated that children who are in developing age there is a very close relationship between his mind and the ability of using language in it. Apart from this, many researchers have studied children who have the ability to make use of two languages. In other words, bilingualism is very common in childhood days, because of which it has remained a topic of interest among researchers. For this various tests were organised so that the pattern of learning and cognitive process can be analysed in both monolinguals and bilinguals. Thus, it is very important to give the children with proper assistance to teach them with different languages so that they become bilingual and can interact with the people in the most efficient manner.

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Moreover, it can be evaluated that in the present time media culture has surpassed with the learning provided in comparison to the home culture. As in the present time the effectiveness of using media has been increased drastically which is highly helpful in making learnings in more efficient manner. Thus,it will make more impact on the learning given by this manner. Thus, it cannot be forgotten that the learnings acquired by the home cannot be replaced by any other means. As children learn many things at home which are the basic things on the which the person's personality is based on (Coeckelbergh, 2017). Thus, it can be analysed that learning acquired by different means helps to enhance with the learning of language and become bilingual so as to become more efficient in there activities. Further, this will enhance with the efficiency of the person and learn to speak up with many different languages which help them to communicate with other people. Thus, it can be seen that with the efficient usage of the media culture and people culture it can be evaluated that it has enhanced with the efficiency of learning given to the people.


From the above report it can be concluded that media and home culture have a great impact on the effective learning of the diversities. Further, it assist in becoming bilingual so as to perform with the activities in an efficient manner. The teachings attained by the parents and teachers help the child to develop in there leanings and gain knowledge about different things. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, it has helped to enhance the manner in which the teachings are been given to the people. Thus, it have a greater impact on the learnings attained by the individual. Further, this will ensure the effective learning given to the people.


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